Nottingham’s festival of choreographic ideas foregrounding new works, discourse and research.

Nottdance 2017 is co-curated by Matthias Sperling.

The festival takes a future look at choreography in the UK by celebrating new works from UK-based artists who are extending choreography and cultivating visions of the future of the field, and by provoking discussion and debate between artists, academics and the public.

Dance4 invites you to witness current practices and thinking from the UK and beyond, to contribute to the future of the field and to explore your place within it. Join us for five days of unexpected provocations, a place where pioneering ideas begin…


Nottdance 2017 is co-curated by Matthias Sperling. Matthias will present his work Now That We Know at Nottingham Contemporary as part of the festival and will lead on the Nottdance debates.

Matthias Sperling is an artist, choreographer and performer whose work manifests in an increasing range of forms, including performances in theatre, gallery and museum contexts and public spaces. His choreographic practice extends to making video works, online projects, writing, curating and scientific research collaborations.